Getting My Networking On

I have been to a few networking events in the past held by GVSU when I have time outside of class and work. Tonight I attended the Grand Rapids Young Professionals (GRYP) March meet up at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company. I met some amazing people and got some great insight on the advertising and PR industry as well as what to expect out of college. I know I am not the typical college student and that I already work full time but it is nice to get some input from other local professionals on what they experience.

I spent a long time talking with Zac which is who I got my required selfie with. We talked mostly about the goals we set and the feeling we get once we achieve them. We also went on to talk about the paths we take after receiving a degree and what we think the future holds. I know it sounds deep… it actually was and we had really great conversation while we were at this event and we enjoyed some good local beer while we did! 🙂

File Mar 31, 9 55 26 PM

The next event is coming up soon and is more structured where you meet with the people at the table you sit at and network with them for the entire evening. I am hoping I can make it to that event to do some more networking within this group.


Creating My Business Card

I’m not going to lie… InDesign was challenging.  Once you figure out the toolbar and the way that the program works it gets a little easier but not enough for me to jump right back into it and try to make something else.

I actually just ordered business cards a few weeks ago with my married name (only took 6 months) and my updated email. Since I already have a printed business card I decided to have some fun with this one and make it more artsy and simplistic. I have always wanted to get into design and photography even if it is just as a hobby so if I were ever able to get started in this, I would use a card designed more like this one.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.05.44 PM

I like that the colors are soft, the space is not crowded and it gives you exactly what you need in one small area. I found the watercolor image download here and she also has some other downloads that are very fun and cute to add to any design. I normally would also add my phone number on this but for security purposes, I did not include it.


Daisy Clip Art – Free Water Color Clip Art (2014, July 31). In Angie Makes. Retrieved March 30, 2016, from


Creating My Brand

The next project was to utilize the services of BrandYourself which was more confusing to me and not as beneficial as I had hoped for.Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 6.44.15 PM

Again, I have a common name. 8 out of the 10 items that came up in their initial search were not related to this Megan Dean. The other 2 were somewhat related but not to me personally meaning I’m sure they could find my info on those other searches after further searching occurred.

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 6.46.15 PM

One down side of using BrandYourself is that it gave suggestions that I didn’t believe were best for my webpages. One suggestion was to use ‘Megan Dean’ in my bio description as well as in my title so that I can be found easier. This however does not seem professional or correct for this to be added so I did not take the advice and kept my page the way it was. It also told me to add more employment history and would not let me accomplish their requirement because nothing was added. The problem is that all of my employment history is already listed and there is nothing to add at this time.

I did add my Pinterest, updated my summary on LinkedIn, and also optimized the info on my page to get more of my information linked. I do feel I needed to update a little information which this prompted but I don;t think that all of the suggestions were necessary or appropriate.


Dean, M. (2016, March 20). BrandYourself. [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

Creating My Name Plate

The week, our assignment was to first create a name plate for ourselves. My brand was a little harder to distinguish since I have a more common name but I believe by creating my page it has created an at-a-glance way to find out information about me.

Screen shot 2016-03-24 at 10.00.37 PM

My nameplate project was very easy to make and I think is a good way to show all of my information in a smaller and simpler form. Instead of having it set up like a profile (such as LinkedIn and Facebook), the page is more of a logo for myself. I have included the link about, in my ‘About’ page and a screenshot of the final outcome above.


Dean, M. (2016, March 20). [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

Co-Creation & Native Advertising: Who Uses It?

We’ve been having some great discussions in my capstone class and this week we had to research co-creation and native advertising which sounded like a good topic for the blog.

In my research, I found the best definition to be “A business strategy focusing on customer experience and interactive relationships. Co-creation allows and encourages a more active involvement from the customer to create a value rich experience” (, 2016).

I found a few companies that use this technique but one that I have personally experienced that I wanted to mention was Coca Cola. Coca Cola has replaced standard fountain drink dispensers and has made it possible to mix and match flavors so that each users has a different favorite. One that I tried the other day was vanilla orange soda which did taste like a creamsicle in my opinion. When I started to research this I found that they also have an app so consumers can save their mixes so they can remember what they liked in the future.

Another topic we are discussing is Native Advertising which can be defined as “paid advertisement” according to (2016). But the thing that sets this apart from normal advertising is that it blends in with the rest of the page that businesses use. For example, Buzzfeed will include have articles with Infographics or other images that are not endorsed by Buzzfeed but by other companies. Being someone who often looks at Buzzfeed articles directed from my Pinterest page, I did not notice this until I researched this topic.

So there you have it. Advertising that is right in front of all of us that we rarely pay attention to but it actually works in branding a company.


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Coca Cola Freestyle. Retrieved March 21, 2016, from

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SEO; How To Search For My Creative Website

For this assignment, we had to use AdWords to find what words are searched most often that can be used to find our blogs. These are my results:

Original Searches

  1. GVSU blog *0
  2. Student Portfolio *1900
  3. Ad & PR *20
  4. Megan Dean *210
  5. Creative * 368000

Alternate Searches

  1. creative website *1600
  2. Public Relations *110000
  3. Student * 246000
  4. Communications * 40500
  5. Professional portfolios *4400

*indicates global monthly searches for the term(s) listed


My blog is used as a creative website to show all of my work from my time at GVSU.

Public Relations is used in most businesses today and is important for all students to be familiar with since it will continuing growing.

What I have learned as a student at GVSU is that it is important to network with not only advertising and public relations business peoples but people of all specialties in the business world.

Networking with all people in the business world gives a different perspective on the communications field and what may be expected once I graduate and enter the field myself.

I believe professional portfolios are important for students and people in the field already to display their work and accomplishments for future employers.


Dean, M. (2016, March 15). Google Ads Keywords. [Screenshot]. Retrieved from

Insta-graphic: An Infographic About Instagram Posting

For this assignment we had to create an infographic explaining how content is created and shared as well as what outlets are used. I chose a social media platform that I follow on a regular basis: Instagram. Essentially, I start from square one where you need to create an account and move all the way to building a profile of images on an Instagram account.

Using Piktochart was an easy tool to use and I got through the design portion smoothly. I wanted to include the icons that are colorful as well as my own Instagram page at the end to show how an actual account looks after posting multiple pictures. Follow me if you’d like! 🙂

instagram-infographic (1)