Final Exam

1. I have loved keeping up this blog over the semester. I think I will continue to use it for more of my classes even if it is not required but for now, this is my final exam for CAP 105 showing all of the skills I have learned over the semester. Enjoy!

2. For my logo (pictured above), I wanted to keep it simple, classic and cute. I love the watercolor flower to tie in with my current business card as well as the business card that I created earlier in the class. I think it draws attention but is not too bold to be overwhelming where it is no longer interesting. Now that I have a logo, I might use it a little more on this blog and maybe some other branding for myself.


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3.  Four statues or pieces of art at GVSU that I chose to feature are pictured below:

4. Memes

Bad luck Brian –

Screen shot 2016-04-26 at 9.02.59 PM.png

First world problems –


Haters gonna hate –

Screen shot 2016-04-26 at 8.05.42 PM.png

This part of the final exam was extremely fun. Coming up with funny scenarios that can be used for the classic ‘Bad Luck Brian’ meme, ‘First World Problems’ and ‘Haters Gonna Hate’ was exciting and entertaining. I used InDesign and Photoshop for my images and ended up liking how they turned out using a combination of both programs.


For this portion of the final exam we had to go to our favorite places on the GVSU campuses. I do not visit the Allendale campus for this set of classes so I chose my favorite spots on the Grand Rapids campus. I walked around the courtyard and through the entrance near the library to feature some of the architecture as well.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 9.28.56 PM


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For this image I used the sharpen filter to make the lines more distinct and also added a tree. This outdoor sculpture spoke to me because it flows nicely and can be interpreted as many things. The first time I looked at this sculpture I thought of dolphins on their backs and the second time I looked at it I thought it looked like an organ such as the heart.

7. Twitter cover photo


Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 7.20.34 PMBecause I have a thing for pastels and I love the peachy color I used in my business card earlier this semester, I decided to combine the two to make by header photo for twitter. Again, I wanted to keep this clean and simple but still add some color and cute imaging for my page to stand out a bit. As I said in our first InDesign project, I am not the biggest fan of this program however, after working with it a few more times it is starting to get a little easier for me. I might just need more practice for me to actually enjoy using it.


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8. GVSU Culture


Most phone icons would be a picture of a phone, but this icon is a phone that is on the GVSU Grand Rapids Campus.

More social sites should mention the telephone booths at GVSU to have more information circulating about them online.

Grand Valley State displays these fun telephone booths in their indoor study area to add to the street side theme throughout the building.

The red telephone box that is pictured above is one of two that stand in this building.

This display adds color and character to this campus study area and carries out the theme of the building perfectly.

This icon is not as well known as the wrecking ball, I have to admit. But driving to the wrecking ball did not work with my scheduling. I still love the idea of having these telephone booths inside of the DeVos café area to add more charm and character. I believe that these telephone booths are part of the culture of this campus because it goes with the street theme of the study area. It ties together the surroundings and adds an element of fun.

The first time I walked through the study area I thought they were just art and that you couldn’t actually use them. But those phone are real working phones that have a dial tone when you pick them up. I think this makes them more realistic and helps set the theme of the building even more since they are functional.

When students are deciding on what school to go to and they walk into a study cafe that has these displayed and gives the overall ambiance that this building does, I believe this will give them a bit of excitement to see how a school put so much detail into a common area for students. I also feel it is a common icon that students refer to that gives location and a setting for students to feel they are a part of.

Screen shot 2016-04-26 at 8.33.51 PM


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