Event Planning

I realized I never posted about my event planning internship! What an amazing experience!

I have planned personal events before and have always thought of myself as a creative person when it comes to coordinating events. This internship allowed me to do that and have it apply to a business. During this internship I planned 2 events:

  1. A Celebration Dinner honoring a community member for her services
  2. A groundbreaking event to mark the start of a major addition

These events were back-to-back. The dinner was 6 o’clock on a Thursday night and the groundbreaking was 2pm on Friday. This helped with decorations since we were able to use the same flowers, table cloths and linens, as well as the same fall theme.

We started with the guest list since we needed to know how many people we were planning on attending both events. We ended up having about 65 guests at the dinner and 30 guests at the groundbreaking. The dinner was a first event that we were trying to establish so it could end up being an annual event.

Once the guest list was outlined, I started designing the invites. These were simple with yellow leaves to match the fall theme and laid out to set the tone of an elegant dinner. I eventually made the program to match this invite to show consistency.

The flower arrangements were so fun to decide and brought back some great memories of wedding planning. The colors were orange, red, yellow and gold and turned out exactly as I pictured them. There were some rough patches trying to turn the vision in my head into the final product but they turned out beautifully.

The groundbreaking event required some outside help. The company I interned with brought in a tent and all the direct for the ceremony. My main focus was to make sure everything went smoothly and that I got great pictures of it. Check and check.

Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I am so excited to continue working on events in the future. Below are some of my pictures I got from the event to help you see what the end result was! Until next time…


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