2017: Playing Catch Up

I fell off the wagon there for a little bit! This last year of classes has been a tough one and surprisingly none of them had a blog assignment.

The fall semester I had a lot of group assignments but very few individual assignments to share. Some of the group projects I did were:

  • A research paper on the potential of Crocs shoes reaching a younger target audience such as college students
  • A presentation on purchasing media in Petoskey, Michigan
  • Several group presentations on advertising cases where we analyzed the problem, provided critical factors and solutions. Our final presentation was on Jim Beam Devil’s Cut which was very fun and interesting

This current semester has been busy. I am starting to see the light at the end of this educational tunnel but it isn’t over yet.

I’m currently in a copywriting class which has been extremely fun and interesting. It has given me such a great opportunity to see what copywriters do and lets me be a little more creative with my classwork. For this class I chose Bud Light as the brand I would advertise for. Here are some of the projects I’ve completed thus far.

This was a newspaper ad for a local grocery store to advertise the sale of Bud Light. The criteria was to include 5 varieties of the brand, show how organization is used in newspaper advertising and to include the necessities such as headline, description and price.

Screen Shot 2017-03-26 at 8.42.53 PM
This next ad was for a billboard. The criteria was to use less than 7 words and to make sure it was bold and memorable. Since my “One Thing” in this campaign is “Bud Light brings people together” I made this apparent with the image as well as the text.

Our next assignment is to generate a radio ad which has been challenging but exciting!

I have also been working on a campaign for a local hockey stick company for another class of mine while working on my personal brand. This has been a group assignment as well but has been good to get the real life experience of working with a client in a team setting. Generating tactics, strategies and a budget have been challenging but we are making progress and are coming up with some great ideas so far!

Outside of school I have been a busy bee as well!

We went to Disney World back in December on a family vacation which was extremely fun and a good way to celebrate the end of the fall semester. I loved seeing and learning all about Disney while I was there and witnessing all their great business practices. (Is it weird that I was noticing these things on vacation???) It really is the happiest place on earth!


Me and my husband are also embarking on a new adventure as of recent– We are buying a new home! It has been a stressful and long process and we are not done with it yet but I can’t wait to experience homeownership in a new way. The homes we are looking at have so much potential and give us some great opportunities!

I have also met with some really great people in the last few months to discuss what it’s like to work in the advertising/PR/events/promotions line of work. Not only am I getting good insight on what to look for and what to expect in my career but I’m also getting some great new ideas from them!

So that’s what I’ve been doing. I keep myself busy and I am in the final countdown until I can officially say I have my degree in Advertising and Public Relations from Grand Valley! I’ll try to post more of my projects once they are completed at the end of the semester!

Thanks for stopping by!



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