What have I been doing?

So… It’s been a while!

Some of the things I decided to do this summer include some projects around the house, read some books, work on my internship and be outside.

My productivity could be reaching higher levels but so far this is on my accomplished list:

  • New/used patio furniture with a spectacular view of my flower garden (Thank you mom & dad)
  • a very neat and tidy garage (Thank you Hubby)
  • planned a vacation for our first wedding anniversary
  • planned an event for my internship
  • finished one book and started another
  • gotten a tan
  • trained my puppy
  • got a new camera and have been taking a million pictures of my puppy, food, and my flowers (pictures below)
  • tore down some ugly chair rail on the guest bedroom/office of my house to paint it a more relaxing color. Right now it is lime green and taupe. (Painting is still on the to-do list)

For or the rest of the summer I plan to focus on my internship, getting organized again and gaining motivation for my very last year of college! Once my internship details are more developed I will post some of my work but in the meantime, here are some of my pictures from this summer that are not work related! 🙂


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