Getting My Networking On

I have been to a few networking events in the past held by GVSU when I have time outside of class and work. Tonight I attended the Grand Rapids Young Professionals (GRYP) March meet up at the Grand Rapids Brewing Company. I met some amazing people and got some great insight on the advertising and PR industry as well as what to expect out of college. I know I am not the typical college student and that I already work full time but it is nice to get some input from other local professionals on what they experience.

I spent a long time talking with Zac which is who I got my required selfie with. We talked mostly about the goals we set and the feeling we get once we achieve them. We also went on to talk about the paths we take after receiving a degree and what we think the future holds. I know it sounds deep… it actually was and we had really great conversation while we were at this event and we enjoyed some good local beer while we did! đŸ™‚

File Mar 31, 9 55 26 PM

The next event is coming up soon and is more structured where you meet with the people at the table you sit at and network with them for the entire evening. I am hoping I can make it to that event to do some more networking within this group.


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