Co-Creation & Native Advertising: Who Uses It?

We’ve been having some great discussions in my capstone class and this week we had to research co-creation and native advertising which sounded like a good topic for the blog.

In my research, I found the best definition to be “A business strategy focusing on customer experience and interactive relationships. Co-creation allows and encourages a more active involvement from the customer to create a value rich experience” (, 2016).

I found a few companies that use this technique but one that I have personally experienced that I wanted to mention was Coca Cola. Coca Cola has replaced standard fountain drink dispensers and has made it possible to mix and match flavors so that each users has a different favorite. One that I tried the other day was vanilla orange soda which did taste like a creamsicle in my opinion. When I started to research this I found that they also have an app so consumers can save their mixes so they can remember what they liked in the future.

Another topic we are discussing is Native Advertising which can be defined as “paid advertisement” according to (2016). But the thing that sets this apart from normal advertising is that it blends in with the rest of the page that businesses use. For example, Buzzfeed will include have articles with Infographics or other images that are not endorsed by Buzzfeed but by other companies. Being someone who often looks at Buzzfeed articles directed from my Pinterest page, I did not notice this until I researched this topic.

So there you have it. Advertising that is right in front of all of us that we rarely pay attention to but it actually works in branding a company.


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