SEO; How To Search For My Creative Website

For this assignment, we had to use AdWords to find what words are searched most often that can be used to find our blogs. These are my results:

Original Searches

  1. GVSU blog *0
  2. Student Portfolio *1900
  3. Ad & PR *20
  4. Megan Dean *210
  5. Creative * 368000

Alternate Searches

  1. creative website *1600
  2. Public Relations *110000
  3. Student * 246000
  4. Communications * 40500
  5. Professional portfolios *4400

*indicates global monthly searches for the term(s) listed


My blog is used as a creative website to show all of my work from my time at GVSU.

Public Relations is used in most businesses today and is important for all students to be familiar with since it will continuing growing.

What I have learned as a student at GVSU is that it is important to network with not only advertising and public relations business peoples but people of all specialties in the business world.

Networking with all people in the business world gives a different perspective on the communications field and what may be expected once I graduate and enter the field myself.

I believe professional portfolios are important for students and people in the field already to display their work and accomplishments for future employers.


Dean, M. (2016, March 15). Google Ads Keywords. [Screenshot]. Retrieved from


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