Fun With Photoshop

I decided to have a little humor with this project to make it more interesting. I have used Photoshop a few times before but it has been close to ten years. For this assignment we needed to add or remove something from a picture and then use a filter for at least one layer. On this picture, I liked the coloring that my wedding photographer, Ryan Inman,  applied so I did not mess with that. I did need to add a filter, some color correction and used the blur tool to make the bear look more “natural” in this picture.

First, I added the black bear as a layer on top of my wedding picture. Once I decided on the placement, I removed the background from the original bear picture. After the background was removed it still looked like it was sitting on top of the picture rather than fitting into the picture so I applied more of a grain filter to the bear and a little bit of a blurred edge. I find it humorous that this bear is right at the top of this romantic kissing shot and I think it adds a little extra drama to the picture.



Black Bear (2009, May 10). In Wild Animal Fight Club.

**I do not personally support the Wild Animal Fight Club, I solely used this image for the making of this photograph.


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