Valentine’s Day Banner; DIY

This video was made for an assignment where we had to make a short video using Final Cut Pro to familiarize ourselves with the different tools available to us. This was my first time experimenting with this program and I caught on fairly easy. I decided to do a tutorial and used the TimeLapse feature on my phone to film this clip so that I could fit more of the process into a shorter film.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 6.45.14 PM

My husband always asks me “why are you decorating the house for ALL the holidays? It’s too much clutter.” and I always says “Because it’s fun and it makes it look pretty in here.” This is another one of those ideas to make our home look prettier. I also enjoy doing arts and crafts so this is considered to be a hobby too!

I started by purchasing a wooden banner from Meijer (and since it is close to Valentine’s Day of course everything was heart shaped or pink.) I decided to paint mine white so it could be moved to any room in the house and not stick out too much. Once it was painted white I decided to use some antiquing glaze to make it look a little more rustic. I used this along the edges of the flags and swiped it through the middle a few times just to make it look more worn. I started using different angles for shooting so that it added something different to each task. I found that this also helped in Final Cut by defining each part of the process. I also added some transitions so that it wasn’t a drastic switch from scene to scene.

Once they were dried, I cut our some scrapbook paper that was a floral print and glued the paper to the back of the flags that had heart cut-outs. Since it is just hot glue on the back, you could always switch out the pattern for different events or if that pattern is no longer a favorite. After I made it pretty and made sure it was completely dried before I looped the bakers twine through the pre-cut holes in the wood. It’s easy to adjust the spacing once you decide where to hang it. When I was hanging it on my entertainment center it needed to be more spaced out than it did on my wall mirror.

And that is all! It’s a vintage Valentine’s Day decoration to make a space more festive. Total, this project took about one hour and can easily be switched for any other event. The actual editing and creating the film took much longer but it was forth it to show everyone this simple banner! I started from a simple storyboard (pictured above; create your own here!) and turned the idea into a full tutorial video. It seems intimidating but I’m already thinking of all the possibilities and different videos I can use with just the beginning skills I learned.

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 9.29.52 PMSources:

Dean, M. (2016). Student. DIY: Valentine’s Day Banner.

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