Final Reflections on Public Relations

Just a few months ago, I did a pre-reflections post on what I thought public relations entails; My final reflections are not much different. My first statement in my pre-reflections was that public relations seems complex. After putting together a campaign and researching different aspect of public relations I have found that this statement is true. Since public relations is a part of my major, I am glad to get further insight for what I will be doing after I get a degree.

Public relations requires you to look at multiple communication channels, relationships that are internal and external, and research in all areas.  Even though it is overwhelming to look at a field that is so multi-faceted it is also exciting to know how this applies to a business today.

In my original thoughts, I focused on the relationships that PR manages but it is so much more than what I originally thought. What I did not realize was all of the planning and evaluating that takes place for communication for the company and the clients.  Having to create a campaign book and working with a client to implement a campaign for future use is exciting but definitely requires diligence.  Having a client who reaches out to get assistance in an area requires relationship building and efficiency but it is getting them to the final goal and giving them successful tactics as well.

I was right for picking PR as a degree since I did not want something “to the books” because everything needs to be directly related to the client, not set by a standard. With what I have seen so far, this field is not going to go away.  Since there are so many aspects to be included into public relations I think it will only expand from here.

I mentioned verifying information and sources in my original post as well which I think I have expanded on and have seen the importance of.  Especially when creating the plan book and finding credible information to include in the research that is presented to the client.

I still feel the same excitement I did at the beginning of the course for entering this field and seeing where I can go. I understand how complex public relations really is now that I have gone through the process of creating a campaign and have worked with a client directly.  It is scary going into a field that is so intense but I know it is full of opportunities and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for me.


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